What We Do

What We Do

Revelations of Freedom Ministries (ROFM) is a program designed to uplift and empower men to become disciples of Christ by teaching them to be productive in the workplace and using their earnings to bless others and glorify God and manage their life based on biblical principles.

ROFM’s 10-month residential program provides individuals battling addiction a safe, warm, and dry home for the duration of the program. Here, students are surrounded by constant positive supports to promote addiction recovery and family restoration. Ultimately, the program desires for students to successfully overcome their addictions and achieve a healthy, self-resilient life in alignment with holistic personal growth. Research shows that successful addiction treatment requires addressing all aspects of an individual’s life, not just the addiction (National Institute on Drug Abuse, 2021). ROFM recognizes this and is committed to providing holistic services through the following stages:

- Stage One (Intensive-30 days): This stage is designed for stabilization and acclimation to the program. This means assisting individuals through withdrawal and being active supports during their time of transition into the program. During this phase, students also have access to a series of classes developed to teach Biblical principles and cultivate a knowledge base that will help students develop a deeper spirituality as they overcome life-controlling challenges.

- Stage Two (Introduction-3 months): In this stage, students are expected to complete the final 10 group studies. Here, students will have the opportunity to become ROFM employees to learn specific life skills like receiving payments, budgeting, and financial management. Both mentoring and counseling also begin in these initial stages and continue for duration of the program via one-to-one and group formats.

- Stage Three (Immersion-3 months): Here, students begin course work in an individualized study program to provide students, with staff accompaniment, the opportunity to develop an individual and mutually agreed upon study and service plan. This plan will address each student's unique needs, concerns, and challenges. Employment, mentoring, and counseling continue through this stage.

- Stage Four : This stage is the preparation stage for program discharge. It allows students to prepare for the Internship program (as available) or full-time employment within the community. Students employed within the community are expected to remain immersed in all scheduled program activities at the ministry.

- Stage Five : In this stage, students have the opportunity to either officially begin the Internship Program or choose the residential re-entry program for up to 2 years. These ROFM Graduate students enter into a “Stage 5 contract” with ROFM staff. This contract includes room and board on-site, a commitment to maintain abstinence from all substances, the pursuit of ongoing recovery, community support and counseling, and full-time employment within the community.

Revelations of Freedom Ministries was founded as a 501c3 faith-based non-profit in 2012 by Christian businessmen from Lancaster and York Counties who recognized the great need to bring freedom to those struggling with addiction. Since that time, ROFM has been a tremendous refuge and place of HOPE-HELP-HEALING to hundreds of individuals and their families. Over these many years, ROFM has had the immense pleasure to support the once lost and hopeless into productive lives filled with peace, hope, and joy through a relationship with Jesus Christ.